We’ve been on the Yucatan peninsula for 9 days.  Every day we think it can’t get any more beautiful, but somehow Tere & Roy keep pulling aces out from under their sleeves. 

Tulum was beautiful.  Mayan ruins right on the water, a perfect location for sea trade.  

We took Logan (our Renault) and headed south on the peninsula, wanting to explore the beaches along the coast (direction Punto Allen).  We’ve never heard of “Eco-chic” tourism, but that part of the peninsula is full of “eco-chic” hotels, high-priced, excellent facilities/food, but not as huge and “all-inclusive” as the ones around Playa del Carmen and Cancún.  

We continued along the 1.5 lane dirt road, passing jungle and hidden entrances with Sotheby’s “For Sale” signs. After about 1.5 hours we found a spot that opened on the right to a lagoon (and were greeted by a friendly stingray) and on the left to the beach, with a small, abandoned military hut.  We thought that after driving away from civilization, we’d find a pristine, virgin beach, but were quite disappointed by the mix of waste from people who had camped/visited before us and garbage that gets dumped carelessly into the ocean and washes up on the shore. 

We had a picnic and decided to head back.  Because of the holes in the road, a normal car can’t go very quickly.  Andrés was bored from having to go so slowly, and decided to run along side the car.  5km later, we found another opening, this time to the pristine, virgin beach we’d been hoping for!

On the way home that evening, we accidently found Papaya Playa Project and finished off our night with some beers, enjoying electronica music on the beach, under the full moon.  

After 3 weeks travelling around this huge country, it’s time to say “hasta luego”.  Today we bid farewell to Tere & Roy, dropped off Logan (thanks for the great deal, Budget!) and are on our way to Havana!  We’re not sure why they just sprayed the inside of our plane, but looking forward to meeting up with our friend Greg and exploring post-Fidel Cuba.