Here we are on the plane from Querétaro to Cancún.  This week’s posts are a bit behind, due to lack of internet access.  Andrés was sick for a few days, and a lot of our attention and energy went to checking on his fever!  We visited a clinic to make sure it wasn’t anything serious.  After a few days of on/off fever and various check-ins with our “Dr.-to-go” (my aunt, a nurse practitioner, who always offers us round-the-clock medical advice…thanks, Dom!), he’s back to normal and our trip continues!

We won’t summarize everything we’ve been up to. Here we’ll just “capture” 3 “learnings”:

1. If you go to Mexico D.F., try to get tips from other people who are either from there or have lived/visited it.  D.F. is MASSIVE! Our favorite sites/restaurants all came as recommendations. (Like this delicious seafood dinner at Contramar!)

2. The Museum of Anthropology is a must-see!  It gives a great overview of Mexican culture, from pre-Axtec to modern times.  In front of the museum, you might also see extreme Indiginous acrobats swinging 100 ft in the air while they play music.  (We were also surprised to run into Lausanne along the way to the museum!) 

3. Querétaro and San Miguel de Allende are two beautiful, colonial towns, 40 minutes away from each other.  Getting to either of them is a pretty straightforward 3-4 hour bus ride from Mexico City (no pre-planning necessary).  They both have a lot of art and museums, and life in the plazas is incredibly entertaining.  At any given moment, there might be weddings, mariachis, clowns, classical music concerts and/or food vendors, and if you’re lucky, all of that collides with nativity scenes and groups of Christmas-song-singing school kids.

We were very fortunate to spend a few days in Querétaro at Andrés’ distant-cousin’s house.  Aside from being an incredibly talented, world-famous artist, Santiago Carbonell and his wife, Gabi, were very generous hosts.  They made us feel right at home!

The plan now is to get to the Cancún airport, find a rental car, and drive down to Puerto Aventura, where the AirBnB room we booked yesterday afternoon awaits us… let’s see what the Yucatán has in store for us!