The next few days were spent eating, visiting the French quarter, eating, drinking Moscow mules, wedding planning with the newly engaged, eating Thanksgiving lunch, shopping at the outlets along the Mississippi River on Black Friday, visiting CVS too often, eating, visiting the Bayou, etc.

We also ended up on national television!  If you’re an NBA fan, you might’ve seen us courtside at the Pelicans game.  Our Minnesota colleagues couldn’t have been very happy that evening, when the Pelicans beat the Timberwolves 117-96, with another outstanding performance from Anthony Davis

Speaking of our MN colleagues, you wouldn’t believe what just happened.  After getting our Marine military escort to the New Orleans airport,

 we were changing planes in Atlanta, and as we were waiting to board the flight we hear, “Calling passenger Jonathan Su.” Andrés & I exchange looks, because what are the chances?! Lo and behold, there is one of our fellow Cerealers, also on his way down to Mexico City, armed with an all too familiar sight, a giant bag filled with cereal samples! 

It was great to have some familiar company along the way, and now it’s time to start exploring Mexico…