We spent a long weekend in D.C., 

paying our last respects to the Obama family home 

and supporting my sister as she attempted the JFK 50 (that’s 80.5 km, FYI).  One of her close friends had done the race 2 previous times, and agreed to be her Sherpa/motivational coach/lifeline.  Andrés (Norbi), my aunt, a couple of her friends, their dog, my sister’s boyfriend and I all headed over to the race, to offer our moral support as these two (awesomely insane) women spent 12 hours straight, running two back-to-back marathons.

There were 4 spots for spectators to support their runners.  Most of the runners still seemed pretty fresh at the 15-mile (24-km) marker, which had been an ascent on the Appalachian Trail. My sister was still very alert, but didn’t notice the strange hashtag on her boyfriend’s sign (#will). We gave her some gu, a few dog kisses, her Sherpa slipped on new shoes and off they went. 

We drove to the 27.5-mile (44-km) marker along the Potomac River and eventually my sister and her superhuman guide trotted towards us.  My sister was quite exhausted, but did wonder outloud why her boyfriend’s new sign had #willyou written on it.  We gave them mini back massages, some painkillers, and they continued on!

By the time we met them at the 38-mile (61-km) marker, not far from Harper’s Ferry, the warm, Indian summer had turned to a windy, cold hail. My sister needed a change of socks, shoes and shirt, and an additional layer of raincoat, gloves and hat.  In a semi-daze, it turns out she figured out what her boyfriend was up to when sign #3 offered full disclosure.  There was no time to lose, however, because they still had 12-miles (19-km) ahead! We also got back into our cars and hurried to the next spot, eager to leave the confederate flags behind us…

Almost exactly 12-hours (12 hours!!!!!) after starting, we were so excited to see them cross the finish line!!! What an amazing accomplishment!!! And to top off an already exciting moment, her boyfriend pulls out a beautiful ring, gets down on one knee, and, well, I’m sure you can imagine what happened next!  It was an unforgettable pit-stop on this long journey and we sure were glad to be there!