It’s been very interesting to be in NY post-election.  We’ve had conversations with depressed, angry, confused friends, some relieved family members, and a couple of cops (guarding Trump Tower on 5th Ave) who had the attitude of, “I told you so! 85% of the population is stupid and these elections have proven it.”  While walking almost the entire length of Manhattan, we ran into an NYU-student Trump protest at Washington Square Park, had lunch with a girlfriend (shout out to Cat!), came across the police blockade on 5th Ave at Trump Tower, and had dinner with a friend who has been active in this week’s protests. 

Despite this week’s confusion, the sun continues to shine everyday in NYC.  We only had one day of heavy rain.  After getting completely and utterly soaked, we took refuge in a friendly, Murry Hill Irish pub.  They didn’t mind is drying out shoes, socks, coats, etc. on their heater and after a solid meal and some Irish coffees our spirits were right back up!

These 10 days visiting family and friends in Yonkers, Brooklyn, Connecticut and Manhattan have been fun and now we are on our way with MegaBus!

PS “Hi, I’m in Delaware.”